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On momentum

I am, above all else, a creature of habits and seasons. I pass through my various phases, much like the gibbous moon, and to every thing there is a time allotted. The current time is allotted for a walloping case of startitis. You see, my knitting mojo tends to wane around the late summer as the weather grows unbearably hot and I find myself in a constant state of travel… Read More

Now Playing: It’s a Happy Sort of Retro Day

When at work, Spotify has become my new best friend, and I’ve had a lot of fun putting together my own playlists. And, because I’m an egotistical jerk, I thought perhaps these lists should be shared. So, if you use Spotify and would like a little new music, may I present: It’s a Happy Sort of Retro Day (link) 28 tracks, 1 hours When I was a kid, my parents.. Read More

In praise of my Nanny Jo

So something really scary and awful happened this past Sunday: my grandparents were in a car accident. My grandfather is thankfully fine, but my grandmother has two lumbar fractures, and a mighty sore hip. But even so, they were very lucky. One might be tempted to worry about an injured grandmother. The very word tends to conjure images of delicate older ladies. Classy and elegant she may be, but delicate? No.. Read More

Pilot: Now Playing

So, as previously mentioned, the knitting mojo has returned. I’m a busy little bee: planning the next project from LRITC, getting geared up for this month’s nerd-games, and plugging away on The Weasley Sweater commissioned by a nice lady from Reddit. Since that’s been the bulk of my knitting time lately, and it’s just acres of black wool stockinette, I will not bore you. And, since knitting is rather boring,.. Read More

Postscript: Sargasso Stole

So the dedicated reader might have muddled through enough of the last post to winkle out that Mr. Boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Chicago a little while ago. We were there visiting some friends, the very same friends who were wed in September, the bride being the lady for whom I made this: Her new husband was kind enough to lend some of his photographic skill to taking.. Read More