Notes From Neptune

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How about that last post, huh? WHAT A DOWNER. I’d sort of resolved to not write another until I had The Answer, the all-encompassing reason behind the wretched experience that was/has been daily life up to, well, still, kinda. Suffice it to say, The Great Answer has yet to reveal itself. But I feel like we’re almost there. The Moon Friend has really exploded on the verbal front lately. And.. Read More

Something’s Wrong

That’s about all I know, really. From January to March, Neimah was working on a play in Baltimore, so for most of two months I was at home solo-parenting the wee Moon Friend. I was tired of course, because it was tiring. Then Neimah came home, the pandemic hit, and my body just gave up on me. Tired unlike anything I’ve ever known. Tired like I’m almost drunk, losing my.. Read More