When at work, Spotify has become my new best friend, and I’ve had a lot of fun putting together my own playlists. And, because I’m an egotistical jerk, I thought perhaps these lists should be shared. So, if you use Spotify and would like a little new music, may I present:

Electro-swing is Rad! (link)
64 tracks, 4 hours

My boss got on a bit of a kick recently, as he is wont to do. But this time, it was catching. Electro-swing is a genre of music that’s, well, exactly what it sounds like: techno or house music that uses samples from swing, jazz, and big band as its base. Some bands, like Caravan Palace or Parov Stellar, write their own swing songs to electrify. This is music is happy, peppy, and will make you want to put on your boogie shoes. It’s great for cleaning the house, walking fast, or any other somewhat tedious task you’d like to accomplish expediently. And apparently, car commercials. And, as you might have noticed, there’s a lot of it. Don’t listen to all four hours in one sitting. You’ll never be the same.